Understanding Exit Devices

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Understanding Exit Devices

Exit devices are designed to facilitate the exit of people through an opening, usually a door, during emergency situations. An exit is an integral part of the door latching assembly, and it incorporates an actuating mechanism that allows the door to be opened when the door handle is pushed. The exit device is designed to permit the door to open fast, and in the direction of travel in which the people are moving. This allows the door to open outwards when people are trying to exit a building. Central to understanding exit devices is knowing how the actuating mechanism works.

Actuating Mechanism

The actuating mechanism of the exit device plays a key role in its operation, and also determines the effectiveness of the device. So how does the actuating mechanism operate?

Generally, the actuating mechanism consists of an activating bar and an unlatching mechanism. The activating bar is usually a spring-loaded metal bar that has been fixed horizontally on the door. Accessibility is the key factor that determines where the activating bar is placed. If the door opens outwards, then the activating bar must be fitted to the inside side of the door, as this allows people trying to exit the hall, concert, or assemblage to easily push the activating bar. When the activating bar is pushed, it engages an unlatching mechanism which releases the latch bolt, and consequently, the door is unlocked and can be opened.


The primary function of an exit device is to facilitate safe emergency egress from an anteroom, hall, or building. They are also designed to facilitate barrier-free access.

Moreover, some exit devices have fail-safe exit designs, and they are used to enhance security. Also, some exit devices incorporate authorized entrance features and this serves as a safeguard measure against unauthorized entry, and thus can be used to lock out thieves and robbers. This also means that one does not need to install an additional locking mechanism on the exit device, or use chains and padlock to secure the emergency exit; as this not only beats the purpose of having an emergency exit, but it also places the occupants of a building at risk should an emergency arise. This is quite noticeable in schools where school children usually panic during emergencies, and can logjam on the exit door if they are unable to open it, and if the emergency doors are improperly opened, a human stampede can ensue.

Some exit devices feature a compartmentalized design that allows them to incorporate both smoke and fire alarms. These exit devices also have delay, usually a 15-second delay, from the time the alarm is set off. During this delay, the door is locked so as to allow an authorized personnel to check out what set off the alarm, and this serves to ensure that criminals do not intentionally activate the exit device and open the emergency door so as to gain entry into business premises, storage depots, or residential halls.

Generally, building codes (international codes and sometimes local building regulations) stipulate that buildings that house many people, usually 50 or more people, must have fully functional exit doors that are properly fitted with exit devices.

Where is it Used?

Exit devices can be used in any door that needs to be latched, and the location and design of the door allows it to serve as an emergency door. Therefore, exit devices can only be installed in doors which have a latch, and this includes the following doors:

– Stairwell doors.

– Fire doors.

– Cross-corridor doors.

– Exit doors.

There are situations which mandate that exit devices must be installed and used, and they are:
1. High occupancy areas: In populated buildings, there is always a concern that an emergency can arise, and this mandates that an emergency exit must be provided for such a case.

2. Perimeter security: This serves to limit access into a restricted zone, and an exit device operates to allow authorized entrance while still facilitating safe exit of authorized personnel during emergencies.

3. Security systems: They are installed for access control, and exit devices complement the access control feature while proving a safe exit option during emergencies.

Types of Exit Devices

1. Crossbar: It cannot be chained.

2. Full-length touchpad: The operating mechanism of the exit device is as long as the exit device.

3. Partial-length touchpad: It permits field retrofit, and is at least half the length of the door.

4. Flush panel: The door only shows the touchpad of the exit device.

5. Paddle: This type of exit device is usually used in hospitals.

6. Electronic control: It features electrified options for alarm settings, door status, and access control.

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Some Common Ignition Switch Problems

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Some Common Ignition Switch Problems

One of the most significant maintenance to ensuring the smooth procedure of the vehicle includes the ignition system. The ignition can trigger the engine cycle that was created to drive the automobile forward. If you want to avoid starting issues with the automobile you want to ensure that the ignition is held completely working condition.


If you fail to keep an eye on the maintenance of the automobile, with components like the ignition system especially, you might soon learn that you will be remaining stranded by the roadside anticipated completing failing. There’s a variety of issues that might lead to the ignition problems, but since several components are related to the ignition system, the problems tend to be rather complex to diagnose.


Below are many of the more prevalent conditions that are Common Ignition Switch Problems and might relate to the faulty car ignition system:


Faulty Ignition Switch- If you discover the ignition system isn’t being activated and the engine unit struggles to start, the key reason behind this may very well be related to the ignition change. If you’re able to analyze this issue, you will see the best plan of action to try to have this matter resolved is getting the ignition switch substituted in its entirety.


Dead Electric Battery- One common reason for problems with the ignition system pertains to the failing or breakdown of the key vehicle battery. It really is discovered that the electric battery might experience problems therefore of the inability of the alternator which in turn causes the ignition system to are unsuccessful. By restoring the alternator and getting the car battery pack recharged the condition may very well be fixed with the ignition system.


Worn Spark Plugs- An additional concern that is often found to cause issues with the smooth procedure of the ignition is the spark plugs that are beginning to wear out. They can not be repaired, so it is a case of having them replaced with completely new parts just.



Most target vehicles have a known problem with the ignition. Maybe it’s six months, or it might even be six years. However, the ignition will remain eventually! The main element itself could easily get stuck in the ignition, or you might have to jiggle the ignition to be able to own it turn – a sure sign that you ought to have a specialist replace the ignition. Either real way, if you possess a Target, there’s a high possibility that you might run into this pressing concern.


Many consumers believe that the general reason behind this ignition transition problem is because of poorly made parts . The way in which where the Emphasis ignition communicates with the car’s computer is via the Transponder microchip, which is situated immediately inside your car key, so replacing the ignition switch can be a complex procedure highly and is strictly why professional assembly is preferred firmly. Yes, a Locksmith can do ignition repair for you, this isn’t an activity where you will be forced to get services from the dealership!


The problem originates from the ignition turn not being of the best quality and is also therefore easily exhausted. What goes on then is the wafers get caught up into the ignition, and the cylinder itself also becomes bent, making them latch in their current position disabling them from moving. Manufacturers Concentrate owners do not need to despair! You can find locksmiths out there that have a few means of managing this pressing concern which range from, when possible, correcting the ignition to, in serious situations, exchanging the ignition and recoding it to fit your key and all of that other car hair.


When an ignition change is bad, take away the old one, and mount the new ignition swap. Please note that instruction is ideal for a Harley with the ignition turn on the tank instrument -panel. Some ignition switches install on the forks of the motorcycle. Make reference to the owner’s manual and switch manual for the model specific instruction.


Overall, if you want to ensure the smooth procedure of your vehicle, you want to be sure it is given a regular vehicle service once in awhile. In those situations where issues are diagnosed it is highly beneficial if the required repairs are completed at the earliest opportunity. By keeping together with the maintenance issues, you are much more likely to ensure the automobile doesn’t come to an entire stay in the most inconvenient of that time period.


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